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ID Scan

A fast and simple way to capture attendance and other attendee information at your event. Active Faculty and Staff can create events, scan attendess to record for attendance, verify age or capture student colleges information.

Easy Reports

Quickly get reports from your events from within the ID Scan admin portal. Events download as csv files that can easily be opened in Excel and filtered down to quickly see all the details about who has attended your event.

Fast Setup

Installing the ID scan app on a compatible apple device is quick and simple. The app runs on a wifi or cellular data connection and stores all the information in the cloud. Getting a department onboarded takes as little as an hour to demo, set up and start using the application!


ID Scan is available to current SSIT customers for university business purposes. If you are not a current SSIT customer, you will likely need to use the IT Governance process to submit an IT Statement of Need. (IT Governance Framework ) Please have your local IT group submit a ticket to the SSIT ticket system (SSIT Tickets) and we will be happy to discuss the process for expanding ID Scan into your area of business.

The app itself is free to use at Cornell! Once you have been onboarded into the system, you can begin using the application right away. The scanners and devices will need to be purchased depending on what your department already has. Scanners cost $99 and the device price varies depending on the model you purchase.

ID Scan allows staff to identify, track, and report attendance of Cornell community members actively listed in the university directory. Depending on a "Projects" configration, the system also allows staff immediate recognition of key areas of information surrounding participants, which may include student classification, varsity sports teams, college, and number of card swipes for a given card to the event.

Once we have qualified you as either a customer within SSIT or your IT Service Manager has expressed a willingness to partner with SSIT (via a ticket to the SSIT ticket system), we can schedule our onboarding process. From this onboarding, we will determine an appropriate approach to using the app based on your requirements and work with you to initially configure the system, train key staff, and get you on your way using ID Scan.

Yes. All data is stored in the cloud rather than on the device. Because of this, you will always need a wifi or cellular connection. A device could be lost or stolen without threat of losing hundreds of attendance records.

Reports for your events can be downloaded at any time after the event from within the Cornell ID Scan admin portal for all of those that have report rights. Data is downloaded in a csv format which opens natively in Excel on most computers. You can then filter and sort by all rows of information present in the report.

During our first official meeting and demonstration, we can discuss your custome data needs and determine if the use of our API will work for what you need.
To get started using ID Scan you will need a mobile Apple device with iOS 9.x or higher and the ID Scanner attachment.

iOS/iPad OS 14 - We have done some limited testing with ID Scan on the recent beta release of iOS 14. Initial testing on some devices was without issue. However, when iOS/iPadOS 14 is released in Fall of '20, it would be beneficial to conduct some testing on the device before investing in additional hardware.


If you find yourself needing support using the ID Scan app you should first look at Help to see if your problem can be solved from there. If you still need help after that you can submit a support ticket by going to SSIT Tickets and clicking on submit a ticket.